How it Works

If you've ever tried to send out a newsletter yourself, you'll know what a headache it can be. If you send the email from your home PC, you'll most likely be mistaken for a spammer and a large proportion of your emails simply won't get through. Worse than that, you may find yourself and your website blacklisted in the future. Sending mail from your server isn't much better; good quality software is expensive and many hosting companies forbid mass mailing, even if your emails are completely legitimate.

Jumbo Mail is a powerful service for sending and managing newsletters and marketing emails. As a member you will receive access to our feature-rich web interface from which you can manage your subscribers, email templates, email campaigns, and much more. Advanced statistics show how many people have opened your email and which addresses are bouncing.

All mail is sent from our high end SMTP servers, meaning no more shocks when your bandwidth bills arrive, and no more worries about your mail getting through to AOL, Yahoo etc. We continually monitor the health of our servers and work with the major ISPs to ensure your mail gets through


With Jumbo Mail there are no monthly subscription costs, you simply purchase credits as and when needed. One credit allows you to send one email, and our competitive pricing means it can cost as little as $0.40 to send 100 emails. Credits don't expire and can be used whenever you want.